Psycho-Class Week 11 & 12: Blind Eating

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No, this blog isn’t dead, believe it or not.

So what have I been up to for the past few weeks in class? Well starting last week, on the 13th, we had a blindfold experiment. Yeah, getting kinky in class, I know. So in this blindfold experiment we were required to pair up with someone, I was with a girl as there only are like… 5 dudes in the large class, and we took turns blindfolding each other and doing stuff. Sorry I’m not trying to make this sound sexual in anyway.

So the girl I was with, I think her name was… I think Andria or something, I can’t remember; anyways she was blindfolded first and had to follow my directions. First up I had to lead her around the building, which wasn’t too hard as it’s not the biggest building in the world. I couldn’t hold her hand or have her hold on to me, all I could do was just tell where to and not to walk. My giving directions went well as nothing terrible happened to her and I was able to safely navigate her around the building, down the elevator and up the stairs and back to the room.

Once back I got her to draw out some things, determine the value of coins in her hand (I gave her a few coins for this) and describe a few things as well. All in all I did a good job giving directions and felt pretty good. Now it was my turn.

So truthfully speaking I know the university building quite well, like I said it’s not a large building so navigating is easy. But once you’ve got a blindfold on, man does the difficulty ramp up big time. Wanting that extra challenge because I’m such a fucking hardcore person, I decided to go down the stairs and up the elevator, instead of doing it the other way. And guess what, it was quite challenging indeed.

I know the stairs well and there is a rail to hold on to, but wow I always felt like the next step I was going to take a dive into the polished concert floors for sure. It was extremely disorienting and very nerve racking too. I also talked with a person too while blindfolded, that wasn’t too hard, but when she handed me something, being right handed I reached out with my right hand even though my left hand was closer. So after groping around in the air like… well a blind man, I was able to take what she was handing me before being directed back to the elevator then back to the classroom where I’d do the same tests I had the girl do.

Taking off the blindfold after was another painful experience as the room was pretty bright, and having been in total darkness for a good 20 minutes, suddenly having your eyes exposed to the light was intense. All in all though I really enjoyed that experiment as it really makes you realize just how much you need sight. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do everyday things without being able to see.

So for this week we did a taste test in class. No, not drinking anything alcoholic, rather eating jelly beans. I also realized I haven’t had jelly beans in quite some time so it was nice to eat them. Anyways I was paired up with another girl, Karissa I think her name was, and we took turns eating jelly beans and writing down our thoughts. The twist though, we had to plug our nose when eating them, so we couldn’t taste them. Another thing I recommend trying out is this, as it makes you marvel at how much your nose plays into tasting food.

Also in this process I messed up something after eating a very terrible chocolate flavored jelly bean. Holy shit was I ready to throw up my breakfast. I honestly didn’t think a jelly bean could actually taste that bad, but guess what, they can. So if you do this, make sure there aren’t any chocolate jelly beans as you’ll get fucked up by them. Later that day when I went home, my sister offered me some chocolate she bought, but after one bite the taste of the jelly bean was in my mouth again, and I had to spit the chocolate out. Never have I had to do that before, but since eating that jelly bean, chocolate doesn’t taste the same. Sucks big time as chocolate is pretty damn awesome stuff, so I hope my taste will be back to normal soon.

All in all it’s been a fun past while in class. Not only am I learning lots, but we have been doing fun experiments like this. Good stuff.

Okay so now that I’m writing this, I’d like to take the moment to ask you for some help. I plan on having another month long series of posts during December, something everyday, but I’m not sure what to write about. If you’ve got any ideas of something I could write about for 31 days, then leave a comment or send me a tweet. I’d love some feedback as this blog needs some life to it big time. So if you’ve got something, be sure to let me know. Thanks!

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