Psycho-Class Week 13 &14: To Be Continued

What does this picture make you think of?
What does this picture make you think of?

Time to take a break from all this.

Late again with this post, actually by quite some time too. Sorry about that guys. Honestly this blog is dying a slow death as I can’t think of what to write about here. A monthly challenge would’ve been nice, but I don’t even have ideas of what to write about for a whole month. Anime Corps takes up all my blogging time these days, but yes I do plan on taking a break from that come the winter anime season. I’ll still review something, thinking just one anime this time, but I want to be putting more time into university stuff and my other writing, not just reviewing anime each week.

So for week 13… god what did we do then? I got chicken strips for lunch, if you follow me on Twitter then you’ll remember that pic, uh we learned stuff as usual, but as that class was a while ago, I can’t remember much about it. What I can tell you though is that there was a test today, and that today was also the final day of part 1 of this psychology class.

Monday, December  8th now. I wrote my final test before winter break today. I think I did well, except those last two questions, but overall I felt good about it. Then again I did about the first test I took, look how well that didn’t work out. I’ll get my results at some point and might share them if they’re good.

So what’s next then? January 5th is when part 2 of Psychology class starts, I’ve registered and will be back for more fun stuff. Honestly while I find it hard at times, it’s extremely interesting stuff to learn about. I’m glad I took this course, even though I was thinking about the sociology class too, psychology is really interesting as well. Will I go on to work in this field of science, probably not as I’d need lots more schooling for that. And because I don’t have the money to pay for all that said schooling.

So I guess this is it then, the end, well for now, of the Psycho-Class series. I’ll be back with this one as I continue in the New Year, but until then thanks for reading and I’ll cya later!

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