Year in Review

Come on, let’s step into the future.


Goodbye 2014!

Like most years this one seems to have gone by rather fast. Then again given what’s happened this year I can understand why I feel that way. Looking back at when 2014 started, things weren’t off to the best start. Money was tight, mom and dad always arguing, it wasn’t fun at all. Sooner or later things were bound to get worse, as they usually do. February rolled around and I turned 20, I guess that’s some kind of milestone in your life, reaching 20. March is when shit started to get bad. With another eviction looming, tension between mom and dad reaching a breaking point, the inevitable was bound to happen now. My parents separated on the eviction day and it was yet another not so fun day.

My sister and I spent a night in the homeless shelter that day. Not the absolute worst thing in the world, but it was a very uncomfortable period. With a second night in the shelter looking like a possibility, my sister and I were graciously checked into a motel room for a week while shit was worked out. As for mom and my brother, they were staying in another place, so it was all good for them. After my sister also left to join them, I had my own motel room for a bit, actually pretty nice, just myself, the laptop and some really fast Wi-Fi. Good times. Well no, but the Wi-Fi was nice. As I love to divert my worry away from the important things, I had launched my anime blog then, April 1st, and as the spring season was just starting, I had to struggle with keeping reviews going while in a homeless state. Side point here that’s related: during my night in the shelter, most people would probably be pretty rattled from such a nerve racking day, but I felt nothing. Literally I’m not joking with you, but I wasn’t worried in the slightest. It was actually worrisome in it’s own way that I was so calm through all this. Even my sister wasn’t sure what to think of me. Given the situation though I probably would’ve been able to keep my shit together regardless, but that calm that had set over me was extremely peaceful and probably was the true reason I made it through.

I was later taken in by Sid’s family, where I’d stay for a good month (moving into April now and a bit of May). Another thing that should’ve been awkward, living with another family and having to be there in their personal lives for a point, but they’re literally the chillest people I’ve ever met. Sid is chill (when he’s not acting up), his brother Mike is chill (when he’s actually around…) and both his parents are super chill too. We watched the NHL playoffs together, which was nice, and I was able to keep up on my reviews. Looking back at it now, I reviewed 6 things during the spring. How I did it I’m not sure, but I somehow did.

Mid May saw our family return to living together, minus dad though. Since then things have been chill again and it’s nice living without all the arguing and stress of wondering when the eviction notice will come. Sure it’s a small place and is cluttered as fuck due to lack of storage, but it’s home. I don’t have my own room anymore (welp), but I’ve got a roof over my head and my own bed to sleep in. Okay not exactly “bed” but more of a mattress on the floor. Sleeping in a bed was nice though, I remember when I did that. Fun times. The summer rolled by and things continued to be chill. Fall came and I started university, part one of my two part psychology course.

I bought a tablet too with money I got from a course I took over the summer. Since then my tablet has been part of my hands it seems, I love it. When I get around to getting a phone (soon?) I know that it’ll also become part of my body, literally tweeting all the time with pictures of all kinds of shit I run into while out and about (implying I leave the house…). As fall and winter approached I was enjoying school once more, still bummed out that my job hunting wasn’t making any progress, but life was stress-free for the most part. Given that I rarely buy things I had enough money put aside for my Kantoku 2015 calendar, something that actually topped last year’s. Other neat things that I started during 2014 was playing Love Live! School Idol Festival on my tablet. I struggled greatly out of the gate, but I’m flying right now and enjoying the hell outta it everyday. I was also featured in a manga. For real, it happened. So as 2014 finally winds down, and 2015 approaches what lies on the horizon? Well for starters I’ve got part 2 of my psych course to finish, I’m still job hunting (my bother is making me so fucking jelly it’s not even cool, so it’s motivating me even more) and I hope to finally make some progress in life.

What I have been skimping on though, and I am annoyed with, is my writing. Probably a year or so ago I was really into it, but then all this happened and I kinda lost my edge. Ideas just weren’t coming in and I wasn’t making the progress I wanted to be. Thankfully during that time I was slowly building a plot for what I’m currently writing, and I must say I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Anime review writing can be extremely time consuming so I think I was putting too much focus into that and less into my personal story writing. I hope to get back into that more for 2015, I guess that’s a goal I’d like to reach, but I’d like to actually finish this story I’m working on. I do plan on having a blog post with a small teaser of it, but don’t expect that for a long, long while now.

But looking back on 2014 overall, it wasn’t the best year, but it wasn’t the worst either. Sure shit happened and times were crappy, but that’s life. I’d like 2015 to be a better year overall, maybe make some of that progress I mentioned, but we’ll see. Hopefully your 2014 was good to you, let me know in the comments if you’ve got an stories you’d like to share from the past 365 days.

I’ll be trying to keep this blog alive some more, but I’m still not too sure what to be talking about here. Ideas will come to me at some point though. I’ll end this post here, thanks for reading and I’ll cya again!

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    • Thanks man. I usually don’t like bringing up that personal stuff as I find it brings up memories I’d like forgotten. But for that post I just wanted to let a few things out.

      I hope 2015 will be good as well. Got a lot I want to do this year!


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