Psycho-Class 2 Week 1: Psycho Harder

Because totally unrelated pics make so much sense.
Because totally unrelated pics make so much sense.

All great things have a sequel.

So welcome back to another edition of Psycho-Class, my weekly blog series that covers my time in psychology class. If you followed last semester’s series, then you’ll know what to expect. If you’re new to this series, it’s pretty much me retelling my experiences that happen during class time. Sometimes it’s funny, other times it’s mellow, but there is always something to talk about. And before I begin, yes the title is based off of the anime ‘Psycho-Pass‘, which should be apparent by now. Anyways, let’s start.

This draft has been sitting in my drafts box since last Thursday when the first day happened, but I’ve been busy with anime reviews so I’ve put this off for a while. Seeing as next week has already started, I figured it’s a good time to get this post out though. So as far as first day’s go, it was pretty much what you expect. Meet ‘n greet with the other students, say hi to the teacher (Debbie is back again as expected), and talk about the course outline. Most of the same students are back again, minus that one douche bag idiot guy (thank God!) but there is a new load of people too. I think there might actually be more guys this time around too, but honestly the class is still 90% girls. Oh and some of the crazy girls are back as well, but they’ve got a new area they’re sitting at, so that’s good.

Pretty much this semester is part 2 of the textbook. Granted we never actually went in order last time, but even so we’re going to be covering chapters we didn’t do last time. Some interesting things that we will be doing this semester though include social experiments, which sound like something that could go well (or not). Those don’t happen for a while though, but the anticipation is already there. Overall though I think this semester will be a lot like last time, learning lots of new things, trying hard not to fail tests, and just making sure I don’t fall behind in studying.

I’ll end it here as there wasn’t anything else noteworthy to talk about from day 1, so I’ll cya this coming Thursday for another installment of Psycho-Class 2.

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