2 Year Anniversary

Best girl
Best girl

This doesn’t seem real at all.

Hard to imagine this, but on January 16th, 2013 I started The SkyCorps Blog. Looking back at it now it feels like much longer then that, but numbers don’t lie, it really has been 2 years.

Man… where do I begin? Thank you… I guess? I don’t blame you if you haven’t been following this blog as I rarely update it anymore, but if you’re a die hard and still check back here once and a while then thanks, I’m not writing this for nothing then. I suppose I should talk about great accomplishments this blog has made within the past year, it’s soaring numbers and such, but none of that is too amazing; views are only up 309 since last year, bringing the grand total to 7573 views. Not as amazing as over 70k in 9 months over on Anime Corps, but considering how rarely I use this blog I guess that’s something nice.

Some posts that were pretty good are those in the August Post a Day Challenge and the Psycho-Class series, a decent amount of views going into those posts. The post about my Kantoku 2015 calendar also got a lot of views, maybe that was due to the main pic used. Never underestimate the power of nearly naked anime girls, they’ll always being in the views. But that’s a good post, if you haven’t read it yet. Other posts that got good amounts of views were my travel posts, where I’d day trip into the city, something I do miss doing actually. For this coming year I do hope the get more posts out, but like I’ve been saying I either don’t have time for this blog or don’t have ideas for something to write about. I know this is supposed to be more of a journal type of a blog, but even then I just don’t have anything I feel I need to write down. I’ll think of something though, I’m not just going to let this blog sit here empty.

I’d like to talk more about writing and such honestly. I’m trying to get back into that more these days and since I started reading this book that one of my Anime Corps writers recently published; I’ve thought more and more about working on my story and how I’d like to work on it again. It really amazes me that he wrote it in a month and published it too, like wow talk about determination and being extremely self-disciplined too. I’d like to get my story finished too but as things are now I’m too caught up with school and other things to spend quality time each day working on it. I’d like to maybe put an hour or two each day just into writing, that way I think I could make steady progress, but there are days where I don’t feel like writing, or ideas aren’t really there, or I’ll get sidetracked with research, or something else comes up, there are never ending distractions out there. But regardless of all that, I’ve set the goal that by December 31st I want to have the rough draft of my story completed. From there I’ll work on everything that comes after, but right now it’s just getting it to that point. I mentioned somewhere that I’d have a small teaser for this story, but that won’t be for a long while still.

So what now? I’ve gone off on some wild tangent and started talking about story writing, I thought this was an anniversary post. Oh well, whatever. I think I covered most of last year in my review post, so I’m not sure what else there is left to talk about now. I guess I’ll say thanks once more, thanks for visiting and reading my posts, and thanks for helping keep this blog alive. If you want to follow a blog that’s more alive, I recommend my anime blog, Anime Corps, as it’s always got something new there. But check back here once and a while, as I’ll have new Psycho-Class posts hopefully every Thursday until April.

Since you’ve come this far I’ll give you something nice to take away with you, that being a lovely Maki pic, because Maki makes everything better.

Pixiv Link
Pixiv Link

Thanks once again for following this blog and I hope to see you again in another post of mine soon!

Until next time!


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