Psycho-Class 2 Week 3 & 4: Tired and Old

Aren't unrelated pics the best?
Aren’t unrelated pics the best?


Week 3 was honestly quite lackluster. I mean we still learned new stuff (on to the Thinking and Language chapter) but it wasn’t super mind blowing stuff. Interesting as always though. The back half of the class we watched an hour long video about this girl, Genie, who was raised in horrific conditions and the trials scientists and researchers went through to attempt to make her normal again. Honestly it wasn’t a really fun thing to watch, kinda unsettling actually, but nothing as bad as the narcoleptic dog video. That was extremely weird to watch and just… wow not really something I ever wanted to see.

Week 4 was about learning and development over a life span. We talked about how a person learns from when they’re born to when they die, and all the fun in between. The day was highlighted by yet another experiment we did, the Old Age experiment. This time around we were required to wear Vaseline smeared yellow tinted sunglasses, stuff cotton balls into our ears, and wear latex gloves with the fingers stapled. Fun already. After that we did another walk around the campus with a partner, before returning to the room to try out a few more things. All in all it was quite the sight, but I think the Blind Lab was a bit more fun; having your sight totally taken away added extreme challenge to walking around the campus. While I could still see and hear moderately well, when it came to the things at the end, writing things out, counting change in your hand, and such, things got hard. I couldn’t see the paper that well, so my drawings turned out looking like shit, but I was able to count the change in my hands perfectly. 35 cents. I enjoy these experiments we do, as you always learn stuff from them. I’m looking forward to when we reach the Social Psychology chapter near the end where we get to do some more experiments.

Here are a few pics from class too.

Some random survey...
Some random survey…
Watching a video about kids.
Watching a video about kids.

So that’s gonna wrap up this post, sorry for it being so late, and I’ll try to get the next out sooner. Until then, cya later!


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