Psycho-Class 2 Week 5: Test Day!

Rin is so beautiful! Pixiv Link
Rin is so beautiful!
Pixiv Link

Yeah buddy!

So today I had the first test of this semester. Normally I hate tests, well I still do, but today was different. Today I felt pretty confident going into this test, I studied for it, answered all the questions and had an overall solid feeling about it. I honestly haven’t felt a feeling like that about a test in a very long while. I’ll have my result of this test next week, which I’ll share my score, if it’s good that is. Also, thanks for all the support before I went into that test, it really helped!

As I finished the test in just under an hour, I had a good 30 minutes to kill before class resumed. Debbie didn’t want us to stay in the room as it’d be distracting to the other students still writing. I found a quiet place in the halls to sit with my tablet and catch up on the morning’s events. I also started using the video feature on the Twitter app and captured these moments. Take a look.

So that’s something I’ll try to be doing each week, get a video or two along with pics of class time.

The back half of the class was a discussion on motivation and such. We also talked about eating disorders as that somehow all fits into motivation, we watched some TED talk videos, then called it a day. The highlight is the test obviously, I’ve got a good feeling I did well on it, but only time will tell.

Short post this week, but hey, it’s on time at least. I’ll cya later!


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