Psycho-Class 2 Week 6: Motivation

Anastasia is so beautiful~! Pixiv Link
Anastasia is so beautiful~!
Pixiv Link

Do your best!

Kinda salty that we didn’t get our tests back this (last) week. Due to the vast number of people away during test day, Debbie didn’t want to hand back the tests because of those who hadn’t taken it yet. I can understand her reason behind that, but still I’d liked to have known my score. Sure I could always check online, but my grade book thing is (still) all fucked up and I’m too damn lazy to go ask someone to fix it. Yeah, a problem that might literally take a few clicks of the mouse by some admin person, but I can’t be fucked to go ask them to do this. Meh.

So week 6… hmm, we talked about motivation, stress and how to cope with it. The stress I mean. All in all it wasn’t anything that new, but the way it was presented was interesting. Oh I think we might have talked about emotion as well, but I’m not sure. Uh… we watched a video for the back half of class; if you follow me on Twitter then you’d have seen me tweet a few videos of that. It was an interesting video actually but I was probably asleep through most of it. Yeah, my sleep schedule is still fucked up. How many years has this been now? Far to many to think about.

Next (this) week we’ll get our tests back (hopefully), so I’m looking forward to that. Thursday also happens to be another big day, for me personally at least. It’ll be my birthday. Seems strange that I’ve been around 21 years now, time really does fly. Still accepting presents if you want to send me one. I will literally love you forever.

Speaking of flying, that’s it for this post. I might have a non-school related post coming at some point, if I can bring myself to write it, so I’ll leave you with that anticipation for now.

Until next time!


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