Psycho-Class Week 7 & 8: Fortnight

She's cute.
She’s cute.

Now what?

The downside to having class only once a week is the amount of free time you’re left with. Homework takes a day, studying for a test when there is once takes more time than usual, but for the most part there is a lot of free time. I do keep occupied though, blog work, my writing, job searching, there is always something to do. This week though I’m suddenly left with a whole bunch of free time because class was cancelled on Thursday. My guess is that Debbie wasn’t feeling well or something. Either way I’ve got nothing to do because all the homework I was going to be assigned during that class has been held till next week. She usually hands us a list of questions to work on, but no list, no homework.

Too add to this, next week is a Reading Week, in other terms it’s a week off. Brilliant. Now I’m out two weeks with no class. While the free time is nice, I’d like to occupy myself with something truly productive, that being a job, but as my push to get one is going nowhere, I’m getting pretty discouraged by this. Honestly I’ve put out so many resumes, talked with so many people and still nothing. This town is fucking useless. The people here are fucking useless. It’s all fucking useless. Fuck this town. I’ve kept at it though, hoping that something might happen, but nothing yet.

Long story short that’s what’s up right now. So don’t expect a new post next week as there isn’t any class to talk about. I’ll cya back here in a couple weeks then.



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  1. Don’t give up on it. Did Honoka give up when she tried to recruit Maki for Muse? Did Shiro Emiya give up on his ideals? …Well depends on the route. The point is that giving up doesn’t get you anywhere. Trying does.

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