Thinking Aloud: Random Thoughts Collection: The Sequel

Cute anime girls with glasses are something I really like.
Cute anime girls with glasses are something I really like.

Oh wait, I have to do this?

How long has it been since I did a non-school related post? Too long, that’s for sure. If reading my thoughts isn’t your cup of tea, probably skip this one and I’ll see you in a few weeks with another school post. If you don’t mind, then take a seat. Tea’s over there.

Geez, where to start? Well first of all yes I’m still keeping this blog alive, it’s just not something I post to on a regular basis. Anime Corps takes up 90% of my blogging time and honestly after a year I really feel like taking a break from it. Sadly anime is something I can’t take a step back from that easily, I love it so much and Anime Corps is my one way of putting that love for it into something more than just excited feelings as I sit in the dark at 2AM watching a new episode of something. I’ve decided that I’m only going to review 1 anime during the summer season, no matter how many more amazing things there, I just want to review only 1 thing. Why? Well there are other things to be worrying about aside from anime. By the way that one anime will be Classroom☆Crisis.

How many times have I mentioned my lack thereof employment in a post? Well I wish there was something better to report about it, but I’m still looking for a job. I did get a call a few days ago from a place I left a resume at, they weren’t looking for people though, which seems quite different than what I was told when I was there. Oh well. I’ve got a few other places I plan on hitting up again soon, hopefully they’ll prove to be more fruitful than the last one. Especially since I’ll be finishing school soon, I need someway to occupy myself and getting a job is the best way to do that. Plus I want to get a new laptop for myself (been scoping out this sexy ASUS one) along with a PS4 so I can play games like The Last of Us: Remastered or Watch_Dogs.

But as much as I want to occupy myself with doing something productive, I also want to put some time into working on my story I’m writing. It’s so on and off these days that my once strong passion to write is fading quickly. I think what the core problem is though is something that I referenced a few posts (okay like a lot) ago. I’m humanizing my main character, Aria, too much, which is the one thing I don’t want to do. My whole goal of this rewrite was to center the story on Aria and make her exactly who I want her to be, and that person I want her to be isn’t the one I’m writing at the moment.

When I say ‘humanize’ I’m not saying she’s not a human, but I’m just giving her too many emotions and feelings that contradict who she’s supposed to be. Have you seen the movie The Bourne Legacy? Well my story has elements like that in it as Aria is a special agent on an elite private security team who’s part of a special program to enhance her physical and mental abilities while lowering emotions and behaviors that would normally stop a person from doing really bad things. She’s essentially a ruthless killing machine, but how I’m writing her right now she’s anything but. Right now she’s got emotions, a lavish private life, a very passionate relationship and so on that make it hard to believe she’s a person who can kill anyone without remorse. While there are still things I want her to have, my vision of her quickly becomes skewed once I add on all these extras. I guess the challenge here will be finding the perfect balance of her professional and private life.

About a week ago I was at a wedding. Have you even been to a wedding before? According to my sister I was when I was really young, but I can’t remember that so this felt like a first time. Anyways, it’s quite the atmosphere there. There’s tension and anxiety, yet so much joy and happiness too. For some reason my heart was racing when the vows were being said. Kinda strange but seeing these two people actually getting married was a pretty big deal. I remember seeing the groom’s father in tears during this part as it’s pretty emotional for the families. Following the wedding there was a reception which I also attended, but didn’t stay for the whole thing as I’m not fond of large crowds. Too introverted to hang out for that long. But the whole experience was pretty cool I must admit; seeing this new couple so happy together was nice.

Ugh, this actually felt good to get some stuff off my chest, I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. Bringing the blog back to it’s roots I guess. Anyways, in other news Anime Corps just celebrated it’s first year anniversary; it’s hard to believe how far it’s come in 1 year, but somehow I was able to make it. Huge thanks to my team though, Justin for his work in the summer, Deven for his detailed Love Live posts and reviews, Tsuyuki for his editorials, Chris and Andrew for their reviews too, and Mitzuka for her editing work. But like I said in that post, I feel the best is still yet to come.

So that’s gonna be all for this post I guess. I can’t think of anything else worth rambling on about for a while, so I’ll bring this to a close. If you still follow and read this blog (thanks if you do) I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe you can expect to see some more stuff here in the coming days.

That’s it for me.


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  1. Sometimes re-thinking and reexamining your characters give them more life. Especially thinking of them in sometimes mundane settings, you get to see them with a lot more reactions than you would just thinking about the story and that’s more useful than you think.

    I did the same thing with my story, Soul Saver Series. I rethought my main character Rez and now instead of being an angry aggressive bastard, he’s much more calm and serene. Still bitter about his circumstances and the world around him but he isn’t just lashing out at the world at random anymore. That makes him more understandable. After all no one’s angry at the world all the time


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