Psycho-Class 2 Week 13 & 14: Crazies

Not safe at all, Maki.
Not safe at all, Maki.

Don’t put needles in your mouth. It’s not safe.

Week 13 was all about psychological disorders. We chatted about the common ones, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and so on and so forth. Things got interesting when we watching a 3 part video about a woman with multiple personalities disorder, that got creepy by the ending. Just watching her switch between them mid sentence, man that was some weird shit there.

Week 14 was therapy week. After learning about all these psychological disorders, it seemed fitting to learn about the treatment you can get for them. We watched, in part, the video “Three Approaches to Psychotherapy”, which was really interesting to see the different approaches taken by the three psychotherapists. If you want, here’s the full video to watch. It is well over an hour though.

So one last day now, one final test. Can’t mess this up.


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