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Delayed as always, sorry.

So last week, Wednesday-Friday (6th-8th), I was out of town and in Victoria. And yes I’m still talking about the capital of British Columbia, not any other Victoria’s out there. The main reasons for this trip involved a visit to the doctor regarding my toe, a stop at the theater to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, and to do some shopping as well. But as those were the main reasons for going down, there were some other things I also did along the way too that are worth talking about. Now instead of boring you with a play-by-play of what exactly I did, I’ll talk only about the interesting things.

Wednesday was the first day and the highlights of this day included the trip to the doctor’s office up first. So this relates directly back to another post which I talk a bit more about why I’m going to see the doctor in the first place. To make this long story short, I’m going back this Wednesday (the 13th) to have some more of my toenail removed. So it’s going to be another needle filled bloody day. Yay! But for real, I won’t look this time. The sight of that much blood coming out of me isn’t that nice. After some running around after this, I’d end up at Silver City, the movie theater where I’d see Age of Ultron. Mild spoilers incoming.

Overall I really liked the movie, it had so much action, the effects were fantastic, the story was really solid, and this felt like the perfect follow up to the first Avengers and all the other movies that came after it. Points that I really liked were how they made Hawkeye a lot more human. When we see him in Thor and the first Avengers movie, he’s solely a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but this time around we see there is much more to him than we first saw. I also liked the darker vibe this movie had, something I usually like in movies. And lastly I really enjoyed seeing it in 3D too. The first one wasn’t that great in 3D but Age of Ultron was fantastic. The effects looked so amazing and seeing it in 2D just wouldn’t be good enough. Trailer below.

The rest of Wednesday involved eating pizza and watching hockey before watching a couple eps on Another then getting some sleep. In regards to sleeping, this was the first time sleeping in a real bed since I was living at Sid’s house. Man I’d forgotten how comfortable a real bed really is. Here are a few pics I took from Wednesday.

The Bay Center before hours
The Bay Center before hours


The best ginger ale ever
The best ginger ale ever
Lunch at Noodle Box
Lunch at Noodle Box
Half price Starbucks. Hell yeah!
Pizza and the game
Pizza and the game
The bed
The bed
The room
The room

Thursday was a very nice day weather wise and overall. I spent it out and about downtown looking around and buying some stuff. I got a nice pair of shorts too, check out the deal on them.

General overview of them
General overview of them
Pretty good sale.
Pretty good sale.

I’d also stop by the Bacon Hill drive in ice cream place, 10/10 amazing, to get some ice cream. Following that was a lovely scenic drive down Dallas Road, through Oak Bay, Uplands and finally ending up in Cadboro Bay. We’d also drive past the University of Victoria (UVic) which has a massive campus and looks so cool. I’d love to go there to study something. The evening was a nice relaxing one, watching more hockey and season 1 ep 1 of Sherlock (awesome show) before doing some work on a Hibike! Euphonium review then getting some sleep. Here are a few pics from the scenic drive.

DSC_0249-PANO DSC_0252 DSC_0251 DSC_0250 DSC_0249 Friday was yet another busy day, this being when I bought the shaving gear. You can see a full detailed post about that here. Friday was also a rather confusing day as it was supposed to be the day when I was leaving, but the last minute plan changed to me staying another night. In the end I wasn’t down for staying another night as at this point I had reviews to write and lack of Internet was becoming rather annoying. So I’d take the bus home where I was met by my sister and we walked home together. All in all it was a pretty nice trip, I enjoyed being out of this shitty town for a couple days and in the actual city. I still would like to live in Victoria as it’s a place that I enjoy being in so much more than where I am now. But with the current family issues still, I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.

Some closing thoughts now. Keep in mind I wrote this post over the past couple weeks, so it’s not totally in sync.

Out of all the awesome cars, cute girls, nice weather, ice cream, buying things, trying on an expensive suit at Moores and enjoying the moment, what I liked the most about this Victoria trip was the break from the Internet and especially Twitter. I spend enough time online to last me a lifetime and I honestly do need to be cutting back on my time spent in this virtual world. Day in and day the shit I see on Twitter is starting to take a toll on me. All the salt, pointless drama, cringe, and just people being stupid is quite annoying to watch. Yeah sure I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this nor is there a point of me bitching about how much I hate it, but it’s just so tiring to watch and after a while you do need a break from it. So far Sunday is a nearly Twitter free day as I’ve got other things to do so the only time I’m on Twitter is to usually live tweet the 1 Sunday anime I watch. But other than that I usually don’t get on Twitter for a bit.

But it’s not like I’m missing too much. Just people playing Osu! or KanColle (nothing against those who do this), being salty about fictional characters, trash talking each other for no reason and actually getting upset about it, masturbating to clearly under aged cartoon girls and thinking it’s somehow good to do this, being depressed and angsty to draw attention to themselves, or something else that’s not as annoying. Like I said, it’s boring and so bland watching the interactions day in and day out, so having this break from the TL was quite refreshing to say the least. Sure there were times where I missed a few things, pic spams or talking to the few remaining good people (you know who you are), but for the most part I wasn’t dead inside because I couldn’t be on Twitter. Is this leading me to say I’ll quit Twitter? Well we all move on at some point and when I don’t see a good enough reason to continue spending time there, then I’ll know it’s time to move on.

Plus, the break from Twitter gave me some quality time to think about my story and work on some brainstorming. Honestly this is something I really need to be doing more of; after all my story won’t write itself. I think what the main problem is now is trying to get the details of the plot right. Time travel is slightly tricky and I need to make sure I’m explaining this in a logical way that makes some sense and sounds “realistic” in some way. Apparently there are rules for time travel so I gotta make sure this follows them to the best of my ability. As for who thought up these rules, I have no idea.

So while it’s nice having a couple days break from the Internet, I can’t go without it for a very long time. Until this current spring season is over I’ve got reviews to write, 3 each week, and the usual shows to watch, but come the summer I really want to cut back on my anime time and put some effort into other things. Plus I’ve been writing reviews for over a year now and I really want to take a good break from them. I might ask around to see if anyone wants to write reviews on Anime Corps as I only plan on reviewing 1 summer anime (Classroom☆Crisis). But that’s still a little ways out, so I’ll give it some thought as to what I want to do, plus I’ll need to run it by the team to see what their plans are. Maybe everyone will want to take a break over the summer.

So I’ll close this post here as I don’t think I’ve got much else to say. I’m working on the follow up post for this, regarding the events of Wednesday May 13th, so look forward to that out “soon”. As always, if you’re still visiting this blog and reading the new posts, thank you very much.

Until next time!


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