Real Neat Blog Award!

real-neat-blog-awardComing back to life, one award post at a time.

So it looks like Aya from Anime and Else has decided to hand me this award, something that I just finished writing up for Anime Corps actually, so now I know what this entails. First of all thank you Aya (for some reason I want to call you Anya) for giving this award to me. I know this blog isn’t the most active, but hey I’ll gladly take another award as those are always cool to have. Right then, so for this it’s another very simple question and answer post, Aya’s got the questions and I’ve got the answers, but even so I’ll post the rules and mention which one I’ll be breaking.

1. Put the award logo in your blog.
2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking their blogs.
4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking their blogs.
5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog).
6. Ask the bloggers 7 new questions.

Yeah so as per usual I won’t be nominating any other blogs (for real this time) so I’ll be breaking this chain post sadly. Anyways I’ll get started with the questions that have been given to me to answer.

1: What is by far the best anime OP/ED song you know?

What comes to mind first is Believers High by Flumpool, which is the first OP for the 2014 spring/summer sci-fi mech anime Captain Earth. That one would end up being my top favorite OP of 2014 as I never got tired of hearing it. Even so this day, over a year later from when Captain Earth first aired, I still enjoy this song so much. Another OP that comes to mind is for the 2011/2012 sci-fi action anime Guilty Crown, My Dearest by EGOIST. It’s another song that has stuck with me for so long and it also never gets old to hear. While I may not have liked that anime too much (it probably deserves a rewatch by now) that song was by far one of the best points from that anime.

As for ED’s… hmm another Captain Earth song here, but the ED2, The Glory Days by Tia is a very good song, one that also has stuck with me. Of course I’ve gotta mention some Love Live! in here at some point, so the S1 ED comes to mind first, Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru (You’ll Surely Hear Our Youth). Another ED that I really enjoyed was from the 2015 winter season food porn anime Koufuku GraffitiEgao ni Naru (Become a Smile). That ED, along with the whole anime, were something that I greatly enjoyed in that rather quiet season.

2: Is there anything you collect?

Uh… no not really. Unless dust around the room counts.

3: If you’re into Vocaloid, what are your favorite producers? If not, just name your favorite voice actor/singer.

Hmm, I’m into the trance/club stuff these days so colate and 八王子P come to mind first. ROMO and Noah are also a couple that I like too.

4: What do you think your character “type” is? (For example, Maki (LLSIF) and Sophie (Pripara!) are both idols and have red hair.)

Well I do like red hair a lot, that much might be obvious, but black hair is something I really do like a lot too. I’m not going to get into what style I like the most as that might take a while to explain.

5: Is there a figurine/doll you’d kill for?

This Maki one or this Utaha one.

6: Is there an anime you wouldn’t recommend to anyone, even if you think they might enjoy it?

Hmm, this is kind of an interesting question. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to anime, so recommending things can be somewhat challenging. I might find something really great and mention that I enjoyed it, but someone else might not like the same one if I recommend it to them. But as for picking out one anime that I probably won’t recommend… I don’t know I can’t really think of something. Maybe Oreimo because of the incest and negative connotation that goes along with that anime, but aside from that I’m not sure.

7: If you could live in any anime world/setting, what place would it be and why?

As much as I like the cool sci-fi worlds, something calming and simple is nice too. Life in the Non Non Biyori world be very calming, but I wouldn’t mind some mystery so Hyouka or Haruhi would also be cool. Then again living in a world with someone like Utaha would be very good indeed. Man she is so good.

So that’s gonna bring this post to a close. Thanks once again to Aya for awarding my blog with this award, and I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the questions.

As for upcoming posts, well I’m trying to start a new series but I’m having trouble thinking up a good name for it. It’s gonna be a re-branded ‘Thinking Aloud’ series but more rant posts then random thoughts and such. If you’ve got any ideas for a good series name then send ’em my way please.

Alright then, that’s gonna be it for this post. Thanks for reading and I’ll cya later!


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