Infinity Dreams Award!

infinity-dreams-awardWhat do you dream of?

It’s been a while since the last post… probably too long, but because of things and stuff I figured I should try to get this blog back up and running. More so when someone hands me an award that I’ve never received before, as Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner did. What is this award? It’s simply called the Infinity Dream Award. Finally an award with a cool sounding name. So as it’s polite to do, thank you Joe for nominating my blog for this award. That’s a very kind thing for you to do.

So this is an entirely new award for me, I’ve never even heard of it before, so I’m looking forward to writing something up for this. Unlike many other awards though, this one isn’t about answering a bunch of given questions, rather it’s a very personal award that makes you think deeply (if you choose to do so) about things that matter to you. Okay so the basic gist of this award is you have to list 7 dreams you have. Not like dreams you have at night, but dreams of things you want to do in life. Just from looking at Joe’s post and other posts I searched up, these dreams can be actual dreams or dreams that are a bit far out but might be attained at some point. As I love to break the rules for these award posts (wouldn’t be me if I didn’t) I might not list 7 dreams as I can’t really think up that much to talk about in the way of dreams. These won’t be in any order either, they’re just how I felt like listing them. Okay then, let’s start.

Dream 1: Finish and publish my story

Utaha really inspires me.
Utaha really inspires me.

Ah… yeah. So this has been an ongoing goal (dream I guess) since I first started this new project. A goal I had was to finish the rough draft by year’s end, but as things are going right now I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen. It’s not that I don’t have ideas for this story, but I seem to be greatly lacking motivation these days to work on it for a few hours like I used to be able to do a few years ago. Man back then I was able to do lots of writing. Hell I wrote a 500 page story at some point. It was shit at the 500 page mark so I scrapped it, but all things considered writing 500 pages is quite the feat.

My current story is sitting around 50 pages I think and it’s barely gotten into the plot yet. I will say that this has probably been my best idea in a while, so I want to see it through till the end, whenever that is. If I were more motivated and got in the right mindset to write, I would be much further along with this story. I vowed to finish this no matter how long it takes, so once I reach that stage and write those words “The End” or possibly “To be continued”, I can have that sense of accomplishment that I’ve finally finished what I set out to do.

Dream 2: Find a good job

Never give up!
Never give up!

Why do I feel this is turning into a post about current goals?

So yeah this is another ongoing goal/dream of mine that is probably what I’m focusing on more than my writing. Not for lack of trying, but finding work in the area where I live is extremely frustrating. I know for a fact that if I were to go to the city I could find a job in no time, but there are lots of factors that prevent me from doing so. It’s mainly family related, deep wounds between relatives and such, so it’s a topic I find hard to approach and get a possible solution worked out. I do plan on trying to talk with mom about it and seeing what can be done, but like I said it’s hard to find a good place to start with this subject so I’ve put it off for a while now. Should things take a turn for the better though, I think I could find what I’m looking for a finally start making some progress. I could easily spend the rest of this post going on about this and my thoughts on it, but I’d rather not bore you with trivial personal matters.

Dream 3: Get married


Another topic I don’t really like talking about for many reasons, but at some point in life I think getting married would be nice. Uh… yeah… I’m getting embarrassed just writing this so let’s move on.

Dream 4: Drive a Mercedes-Benz AMG

Keep dreaming...
Keep dreaming Nick…

Now I didn’t state which model I want to drive because just being able to drive ANY Mercedes Benz AMG car would be an unforgettable experience. I think this falls into the “dreams that are a bit far out but might be attained at some point” category, mostly because the chance I’d ever get a job that makes enough to afford an AMG car is extremely unlikely. Hell the SLS AMG, the one I really love, is not only $250,000 but they don’t even make them anymore. But yeah I really like Mercedes Benz cars, mainly because at one point my family had an older model E-Class station wagon, but they’re just really nice cars to look at. And for the record, I’ve actually only seen an SLS AMG about 3 times in my life. None of those times were up close though.

Dream 5: Travel around the world

Sadly Earth isn't that cool
Sadly Earth isn’t that cool

Many people I talk with seem quite turned off by the idea of traveling the world, let along leaving their room and going outside. Just looking at the state in which things are in is a good enough reason so say no to traveling, but honestly I do want to see what else is out there. Canada is a huge country, second biggest in the entire world, and I’ve spent my whole life trapped on some goddamn island off the BC coast. It’s terrible, it really is. I want to see what the rest of the world is like but given all the problems that are present right now it’s leaning more into the “dreams that are a bit far out but might be attained at some point” category as well. But hey, there still is a chance that it might happen at some point in life. And yes traveling to Japan would be nice, not just because it’s where anime (and Love Live!) started and such, but I’d like to see it as a country too.

So yeah that’s all I can think of right now. Updating this post later seems like cheating, so even if I think of other things I probably won’t update this post with them. Thanks once again to Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner, be sure to stop by his blog and check it out, it’s really a great one.

As for nominations… I’ve actually got a couple this time.

Lita from Lita Kino Anime Reviews


Pete from I’m Not Doctor Who

Have fun guys!

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll cya again in some future post.



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