LLSIF Event After Thoughts: The Battle for T1

This may or may not be a new series.

So readers of my blog will most likely remember my last post where I talked about my year playing LLSIF and what’s come of it. In that post I mentioned that I was currently in the middle of an event, that being the Ghost Maki event, and since then that event has ended. So as this was a pretty serious event, at least for me, I felt like talking about it and my 9 day battle to get T1.

My goal with most events, except token events, is to get T2 and idolize the event SR. I like getting new SRs to make my teams stronger. But if it’s a Maki event then by all means and at whatever cost it is, I will get T2 and idolize the Maki SR. With this past event I wanted to take this further though and push myself to new heights, that being to finish in T1. It’s ambitious as token events aren’t something I like because there is way too much grinding involved. I prefer the fast paced and highly competitive score matches as they’re just all around a lot more enjoyable. But as this is Maki we’re talking about, the waifu, I had to do something special for this event.

For me events start at 2AM Pacific Time, so August 19th at 2AM I began my quest for T1. Right off the bat I was already hitting new personal milestones, starting with getting the event SR Maki in a record 25 hours and 13 minutes. I wanted to go hard but this completely surprised me. Literally wasn’t expecting this at all. So from here on in it would just be grinding for points and staying in the top 900 to get the T1 rewards when the event ended.

The personal bests continued too as I would go on to level up 7 times during the course of this event. I started at Rank 122 and finished at Rank 129, something else that greatly surprised me. Following up that I played one of the EX tracks, Paradise Live, upwards of 75+ times in my grind for points. That song was also another personal best as it featured 509 notes, making it the highest full combo I’ve gotten, beating the 499 full combo of Takaramonozu.

TakaramonozuContinuing on with new records for myself, I ended the event and cleared all the event point rewards too finishing with 39,536 points. While I was hoping to get at least 40k points, I was still happy with this result as it was far beyond what I expected to get. But the last few were some new personal bests that I’m really proud of; for starters I finished at the top of my friend list, something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time as I usually come in 3rd or 4th. My plan of saving 1000 tokens for the final 30 minutes of the event really helped boost me to the top there and capture that first place spot. Feels good man.

But of course the main thing that really stands out for me after this event is where I finished. That final sprint with 1k tokens not only got me into first place on my friend list, but it helped me finish deep within T1, my exact place being 123rd. Having reached my goal I got the rewards I had worked hard for including 2 additional SR Maki cards, one to use for idolizing and one for a skill upgrade.

All in all this event was full of new heights for me personally as after a year of playing LLSIF I can really see how far I’ve come. So with this event being over, another one looms in the distance so it’s time I ready myself for another battle as I aim for T2 this time. I love Honoka and all, but I don’t need to get T1 this time; I will however aim for T1 for the first Medley Event for the Christmas Maki SR. I’m not 100% sure how those new events work, but I’m gonna give it my all and go all out once more for that T1 spot.

I guess that’ll bring this post to a close. So many new personal bests for myself as I’ve raised my game to a new level. I’m hoping that for the next Maki event I can beat my performance here and one up myself, raising the bar once again. Only time will tell, but I’m pretty sure by the time December rolls around I’ll be totally and completely ready to get T1.

So if you also play LLSIF and have some exciting stories to tell about your journey through this past event, let me know in the comments below! Alright then, that’s it for me now, thanks for reading this and I’ll cya later!


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