Nishikino Maki Nendoroid

Waifu has arrived.

So on Thursday September 3rd, the nendo I had pre-ordered way back in April finally arrived. All these months of waiting were finally over and my first ever nendo was finally here. Of course who else would it be besides Maki?

Right then, let’s get into the pics of the unboxing.


IMG_20150903_132706 DSC_0035 IMG_20150903_133124 IMG_20150903_133450

20150903_142114So here’s probably the best shot of her, and honestly she’s so much cuter in person than in picture. It’s so great finally having this nendo as Maki is my top favorite from Love Live, so actually owning a nendo of her is quite special for me. More so as it’s the first ever nendo I’ve bought, so it’s double the fun. As for if I’ll ever get any other figures or nendos, well if I get some more money then I just might, although there are many other things I need so nendos might not come till later. Also the fact it is quite an expensive hobby, collecting figures and nendos, so while I’ll probably get a couple more, I won’t base my life around getting as many nendos and figures as I can.

The embarrassed expression she comes with is super cute too.


Chilling with the others. Yes, that's Bionicle in the back.
Chilling with the others. Yes, that’s Bionicle in the back.

So all in all this was a solid buy and I’m really happy I was finally able to get some Love Live merchandise. Alright then that’ll wrap it up for this post; if you’ve got some figures or nendos yourself tweet me a pic @SkyCorps as I’d love to see your collection.

Thanks for reading and I’ll cya next time!

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