What Happened?

I sure as hell would like to know too.

We tried blogging
We tried blogging

Back in January I spoke of grandiose things such as this:

Like I said, I’m making it my goal to post once a week from now on as that should help get me back into the blogging life and hopefully rediscover the long lost joy of blogging.

Uh… check the date when that post went up, it’s been a while now and guess what hasn’t happened? Yeah, that. So we return to the question raised in the title of this post: what happened?

Why can’t I blog like I used to back in the day? What happened that killed my passion for blogging? Why can’t I rediscover that passion once again and return to blogging? Put simply, I’m lacking the motivation I used to have it seems. Sure there are still things I want to blog about, I’ve got drafts sitting waiting to go, but I just don’t even feel motivated enough to actually work on them and get them posted. This blog was never meant to be some super popular blog getting thousands of views and such, no the point of this was that it would always be a place where I could spout off about random nonsense (within reason) and share my thoughts about subjects. More or less that has happened over the past couple years, but 2016 was (and still is) supposed to be the comeback year for me as I make my spectacular return to this blog and have a new post every week. It’s a good goal actually, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the follow through of that which hasn’t happened yet. Going forward after this post will I continue to have that goal of one new post a week? Absolutely. I don’t want to let this blog die due to me not being motivated enough to post on it. Hell, that alone should be enough of a reason to get me motivated to post, yet it still isn’t.

I’m sure aside from lack of motivation there are other contributing factors as to why I’m not giving this blog my love and attention I used to give it. I can’t say Anime Corps is taking up loads of my time as I’m only reviewing 1 show this season (don’t worry that idol editorial is coming soon!) rather I put the blame on my sudden addiction to games. Yes from the moment I downloaded Steam onto my new computer and started buying games, I was a lost cause. I feel the need to play games but it really takes precious hours out of my day that I could be using for doing much more constructive things, like looking for work or something.

Just looking back at my older posts, I had so much more energy and passion when I wrote them. Just thinking back to when I wrote them, I had such a positive outlook on my blog than I do right now, I still enjoyed writing posts even if they were late at times. But the main thing to take away from this is that I used to at least write posts back then, now… eh not so much. But I do plan on changing that.

Shifting gears here I’ve been doing more writing these days on my stories. I say ‘stories’ because I do have more than 1 on the go right now, although the second doesn’t get a whole lot of work done on it regularly, it was more of a one off thing that I started working on it again. Anyways, I’ve already began work for my next NaNoWriMo story for 2016. While it’s still very much in the early development stages, I’m looking forward to writing this come November and this time I plan on starting and finishing it in the 30 days. Last year I wrote a lot but the story is still not over yet, so for a change I want to get it completed in the month. As for what it’s about, well I’ll explain when there is more to tell on that front.

As for the current project, it’s making slow progress as I’m changing some plot points along the way, but it’s creeping towards the end. I want to see if I can get that finished before November, but that’s a pretty ambitious plan especially considering everything else. Also if I get a job (hopefully soon) then I won’t have as much free time to work on it. But one thing at a time.

Anyways, taking this back to where it all started, I’m still left with trying to figure out how to get motivated to write something. Maybe I should try out the daily prompts that WordPress does everyday. I’m sure there will be something that could spark my interest and get me writing. I mentioned that I indeed have a couple drafts sitting waiting to go, those are the recap from my trip to see the Love Live! movie back in February and a post on my new Maki nendo that I got recently. I will get both those out soon, especially since I mentioned them, so look forward to that in the coming days weeks or so.

Well then I think that’ll wrap it up for this post. I just wanted to get something out saying that no, this blog isn’t dead and that I’ll be striving to meet that goal of posting every week. As for when that’ll actually start… hopefully next week as I’ll really try my hardest to get a post out.

Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll hopefully see you again soon!


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