Love Live! The School Idol Movie Experience

Better late than never.

Thursday February 4th was a great day. Not only did I get to leave town for a bit and go to the city, but I also got to see the long awaited and highly anticipated Love Live! The School Idol Movie courtesy of Cineplex SilverCity Victoria. It was a day to remember for a long time as it was such an incredible experience, something that I’ve totally not had before. So before I get into this I’ll talk a bit about the movie. Spoilers to follow!

Being a huge Love Live! fan I went in with extremely high expectations and I left satisfied with what I got. I will say it wasn’t perfect, there were a few things I didn’t like about it. Firstly being that the whole New York part felt very rushed and the transitions, especially from the Angelic Angel performance (which was really good I must say) to them on the plane back to Japan, that felt very rushed and like they skipped out something. Yes it’s still easy to pick up that they did what they needed to do in New York and headed back home, but still maybe show some post performance stuff before jetting off to Japan because that transition felt far too rushed.

Aside from that I didn’t have any other huge problems with the movie. Things with future Honoka or whatever were good but needed some more conclusion to them. My question regarding that is: if Future Honoka was indeed something that present day Honoka created in her mind, was the mic case real or not? While no one says anything about it, we clearly see a shadow of it before she walks back into the hotel, so my first thought is that it’s real. I’m saying that because if it were fake would we still see a shadow of it? If I recall correctly to past things I’ve seen where someone imagines things are real when they’re actually not, you don’t ever see a shadow from the object/person/whatever they think is real. Continuing on from that, we also see the mic case again in Honoka’s room when Yukiho and Alisa come to visit her, but once again they don’t make mention of the case. And of course the biggest factor being that no one besides Honoka saw the woman, making it seem like it was all in her head, but there really are too many things to take into consideration to come up with a solid explanation as to who exactly that woman was. If you’ve got some theories of your own I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below.

One small detail that would’ve been nice is at the end where we see Yukiho and Alisa in their third year now. It would’ve been nicer to see an older looking version of them as they looked pretty much exactly like they always have. But like I said it’s just a minor detail that doesn’t affect the overall movie.

So as far as the movie goes, it was really amazing. A fitting end to the successful run that μ’s had. While I’m still very excited for Aquors and the upcoming Love Live! Sunshine anime this summer, μ’s will always have a special spot in my heart that will never be replaced. If you’ve also seen the movie, let me know your thoughts on it below!

Another highlight from this movie experience was being in a theater with a bunch of Love Live fans watching the movie. I thought this was extremely cool as I’d never experienced anything like that before, being with a bunch of anime fans. While the constant commentary was slightly annoying (mostly these two Nico loving guys sitting at my 8) but there were a few other talkative people spread throughout the theater too. The majority of the people there were Asian students from I’m guessing the university (UVic or Camosun), and they were really quiet, which was nice.

But out of all the people who were there, two girls stood out the most as they actually dressed up as Honoka and Umi. It was like the icing on the cake, seeing someone dressed up just to see this movie, man it was so cool. Now I contemplated getting pictures with them, but in the end I decided not to. If one of the girls were dressed as Maki… well I’m sure you can guess where that would go.

As far as movie swag goes, I was among the first people to arrive at the theater so I was lucky enough to get a movie poster, which now hangs proudly on my wall. Sadly there were no promo SR cards to get, which I was a bit sad about as I was looking forward to getting a Maki one, but hey I’m still happy with the poster that I got.

Best school idols, ever.
Best school idols, ever.

So yeah, all in all it was an amazing night. I laughed, cried and had a great time watching this awesome movie with a bunch of other Love Live fans. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend you do as it brings the μ’s run to a satisfying conclusion. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Aqours girls have in store for us this summer. I’ll probably be reviewing that over on Anime Corps as it’s too good to pass up on.

Alright then, that’s all for this post thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys next time!




  1. I agree with you on the New York part. I thought that’s what the entire movie is going to be about, but it was over before the halfway point.


    • When I first saw the trailer for the movie and learned they were going to New York, I thought that was what the whole movie would lead up to. But yeah it was over so quick. Disappointing.


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