Memory Lane

Anything but a joke.

So back on April 1st I was reliving memories from 2 years ago. Not only was it the 2 year anniversary of Anime Corps (growing up so fast!) but it was also the first time in 2 years that I’ve been over to Sid’s house since living there. So yeah I was taking a trip down memory lane, experiencing so many memories and feelings that day.

As to why I was going over to Sid’s house, it was because I needed to see his mother about something. That “something” being help getting my taxes filed as she’s good with that. But just being in their house again, it felt like nothing had changed, yet at the same time everything had. Mike had moved out, Sid was moving his final belongings out, things had definitely changed since I was last there (they bought a big curved 4K TV!), but sitting in the living room and just soaking up the atmosphere, it took me right back to that time 2 years ago. The context for why I was living with them is because of the family trouble I was currently going through at the time. That and the fact I was pretty much fucked and homeless at the time, so I really do owe them a lot for letting me stay there for a time.

Looking back at it now 2 years later it honestly feels like another life, I’ve put those bad times behind me now and moved on but the fact I returned there and pretty much exactly 2 years later, I couldn’t help but to get swept up in the nostalgia of it all. But as all those feelings came back, it also made me think of how far I have, or rather haven’t, come since then. Sure I’ve got a place to live now and family issues aren’t at critical mass (although there are days…) but on a much more personal level how much have I progressed since then. Honestly if I were to be objective with myself I could say I haven’t done much since then, I mean I had goals I set out but failed to meet them and now it’s as if I’m stuck in limbo trying to figure out what I should do with my life that’s quickly moving by. I was really hoping this would be the year to change it all and make the next step, but so far things can’t quite seem to come together. I know where I need to be and more or less the way I should go to get there, but there are just some things beyond my control that aren’t making it easy. With that said though, I can’t continue using it as an excuse to not try my best and do what I can given the situation. I can be quite motivated once I set my mind to something (believe or not), so it’s just getting my mind set on the right things then I can hopefully start making progress.

I feel like this is getting off topic from how I started it so maybe it’s time to bring things to a close now. Sorry for getting this post out a couple days late, I kept putting it off as I wanted to think up more to write for it, but in the end I couldn’t so I just sat down to write and this all spilled out. Oh well, I guess that’s good in its own way.

Anyways, I’ll try to have new posts out each Monday from now on. If things come up that prevent me from posting on that day then expect it on Tuesday or at the absolute latest Wednesday.

Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.


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