Maki Mania

One day this will be out on Monday.


So once again I failed to get this post out on a Monday but alas, I have a legit excuse for not having it out on Monday. You see, in LLSIF (that’s Love Live! School Idol Festival) there is a Maki event going on right now and you know how much I love Maki, so I obviously have to take part in this event and go for T1 (that’s tier 1). Of course grinding for T1 isn’t something that takes an hour, rather you have to put some serious time into it as if you miss a day then you’ll fall behind and it’s harder to catch up then. So I’ve been dealing with that so far and yes it’s taken up my time. Couple that with the fact that April 19th (yesterday) was Maki’s birthday, I had to write up a big post on Anime Corps for her. But through it all I never forgot about this blog, I just knew I would have to push it to the side for a bit to deal with all this Maki related stuff. And now that I’ve got time I can write something here.

Tomorrow (Thursday the 21st) I’ll be in Victoria doing something very special. How special? Well this is probably a once in a lifetime special thing considering at the end of the month this place closes forever. As to what exactly that is, you’ll have to wait for my next post to find out. If I can take pics I will but I’m not sure, I’ll find out once I get there.

I also was hoping to finally buy these Batman shoes (years of pain and suffering) but as luck would have it they’re sold out across the country. It’s like fate keeps pushing these away from me. Also, a big shout out to Converse for not shipping to Canada. Thanks guys, you make things so fucking convenient. I’ll go to the store to try out a pair just so I know the right size for future reference. Apparently Converse fit differently than normal shoes. Anyways I’ll keep on top of that and hopefully get a pair at some point in the future.

I think that’s about all I had to say for this post. I’ll try to get the next one out on Monday for once, wouldn’t that be great. Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll cya later.


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