New Bag

Yay a post on Monday!

So I originally had this in my last post but as it was getting too off topic I decided to turn it into a post of its own.


As I mentioned in that post I bought a new bag, that being the Herschel Pop Quiz Messenger bag. I’ve been eyeing this bag online for a while now as I’ve wanted a more ‘summery’ bag and this one looked the part. Plus ever since my brother bought a Herschel backpack I’ve wanted something Herschel as well. I think they’re a cool company with great looking products, so why not get something from them. No, they didn’t pay me to say that.


I alluded to the fact I may have an obsession with bags starting as this is my third one, but it’s nice to have a selection of bags to use. It’s like clothing, you don’t have just one of everything, that’s too impractical. Plus what happens when you need to wash something? I’m getting off topic here again, so looking back at this new bag I can say that yes it’s really great so far and I haven’t had any serious issues with it. Sure I had a little trouble at the start, as I always wear my bag slung from my left shoulder so it’s on my right side (I’m right handed so I like having it there) but as I found out the strap only really works for a left handed set up with the bag on your right shoulder and sitting on your left side. While it’s not a huge problem, it took a few times wearing it out to get used to having it on that side. It also comes with an extra strap that I wasn’t sure what use it was for, but it turns out that if you’re cycling and wearing this bag, you can add an additional clip that pulls the bag closer to your body and won’t be swinging around as you ride. Very handy as you wouldn’t want to throw your balance off. I almost want to take up cycling just so I can use that function. One final point, the shoulder strap itself is very big and padded, it’s comfortable to wear and you don’t get that cutting into your shoulder feeling like some straps have. Aside from the strap woes at the beginning, I didn’t have any other problems with the bag.

Inside it’s very roomy with a nice big padded compartment for a 15 inch laptop (which I don’t have) along with a main compartment for other things like a wallet, sunglasses case, book, tablet or anything else. I usually just throw my tablet and sunglasses case in there along with anything else I need while out. Being that I wear prescription sunglasses I’ve gotta carry around a case to put my regular glasses when I’m not wearing them. It’s a bit cumbersome having to swap between two different pairs of glasses, but at least I can see.


If I had any real issue with I’d say that it’s the use of plastic for the clips instead of metal. On my other bag, the Swiss Gear one, they use metal clips with are far more sturdy than plastic and just look nicer too. Yeah I know the gray of the clips matches the gray of the bag, but honestly metal is the way to go.

So yeah all in all I’d say it was a solid purchase and I’m happy I’ve got my summery bag now. If you’re looking to get anything Herschel related be sure to check out their site, lots of great stuff there. Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll cya guys next week!


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P.S. Not that it merits its own post, but my sister’s friend who recently went home to Taiwan also stopped in Japan and was able to get this for me. I can’t thank her enough.

My room is complete now.



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