Still nothing

Huh… now what?

I need to actually come up with things to talk about, this is just getting stupid now with all these excuses.


Well for starters I went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX Laser 3D last week, that was pretty cool. First time seeing a movie in IMAX 3D and first time seeing a movie in laser 3D too. Gotta say, it did look much better than normal 3D. All those upgrades done to the theater really were for the best. New seats were comfy as well.

Other than that I can’t say I’ve been up to anything else noteworthy the past little while, just the same old looking for a job stuff. Depending on how things turn out I might be able to work at my grandfather’s store in Victoria, talks are currently happening but it’s slowing going. Hoping to hear something back soon but I don’t know. That whole situation is a strange one. If it works out then that would be great, if not then it’s back to square one.

The idea of moving to Victoria has been present for recently family round tables, nothing carved in stone yet but it’s clear that moving is the best way to change the current situation. Of course the main issue is that living in Victoria, or any surrounding area, is that it’s quite pricey, something that’s not in anyone budget right now. But it’s still in the extremely early stages, nothing is happening for now but I know at some point it’s going to need to get serious. My brother is planning on going to university in Victoria so moving would also cut costs of living on campus and dealing with all that. Plus I don’t think my brother could live on his own even if he tried. He can’t really do much aside from talk big and that’s not going to get you anywhere when you’ve living on your own. I’m not sure when he plans on going, maybe in about a year or something, but either way moving is still the better option.

At this point I’ve tried so many places and still can’t get anything aside from interviews. It’s not like I’m fucking these interviews up or anything, after having so many I know what to expect, but even if it goes well it never gets anywhere passed that. I always follow up with them and everything, still nothing ever comes from it. Not for lack of trying, I’m getting nowhere and it’s frustrating as hell. How do I know Victoria will be better? For starters there are a wider variety of jobs there, it’s the capital after all, I know many others who’ve moved for work and have found it, and just in general it’s a better area to travel around for work and such. Here I’m limited as the bus system isn’t great and everything else is out of town and walking distance. Point is I just hate where I am now and I need to leave this place as I’ve wasted enough of my life here. It’s time to move on, hell it was time years ago.

Well this post took a depressing turn, guess that’s what happens when I’ve got nothing to talk about. Maybe next Monday I’ll not only get a post out on that day, but I’ll have something to talk about too. Only time will tell. Let’s end with a happy gif.


See you then.

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