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So for once I’ve got lots of stuff to talk about, or at least to me it feels like a lot to talk about. I thought about breaking this up into a few posts but it would take too long so I just felt that putting it all into one post would be best. Guess we’ll start now.

I’ve really wanted to get back into writing. Every day I think about doing it but I just never get around to it. I’ve got stories I want to finish and another one I want to start (for November) but it’s just the getting back into the writing mood that I can’t seem to do. I know once I start I’ll be able to keep going, but it’s reaching that point which is proving hard to do. I’ll need to push myself if I want to actually do this as I’m letting it sit far too long and it’s getting nothing accomplished. “But Nick, aren’t you writing right now?” Well yes and no. Yes in a sense that I’m writing this post and doing blog stuff over on Anime Corps, but no because that’s not story work. My weekly posts here are just something to keep this blog alive and for me to talk about random things, Anime Corps is where I write reviews and such Both aren’t related to my personal writing or November prep either.

Shower time will never be this fun
Shower time will never be this fun

Speaking of which, where do you get your best story ideas? Mine seem to come while I’m taking a shower. Seems like every time I step in there my mind wanders to story related things. It’s good actually because I shower often so I get to think about my story more, but so far that’s all what happening. Thinking, nothing more. That’s what I need to change. Going forward I’ve got reviews lined up till the end of the year, which I guess is good but it also means more time working on anime reviews than personal writing, something which isn’t so good. Summer sees 3 shows I want to pick up: Love Live! Sunshine!!, New Game! and Qualidea Code. LL Sunshine goes without saying as I’m extremely excited for that one, being a big fan of Love Live. New Game I’m really excited for too as I’ve been reading the manga from the beginning then when it got announced as an anime I was really hyped. It’s pretty much like Shirobako except with video game making instead. I highly recommend it as it’s so cute and funny; the anime should be great. As for Qualidea Code well… it’s got a good line up of staff (so I’m told) and the cast I think is good. It’s got me interested and I think it’ll be good, but being that it’s an original… well I’m sure you’re well aware of my feelings towards original shows.

Looking even farther ahead the fall season has Hibike! Euphonium S2, something that I’m eager to return to as I’m sure it’ll be a show in constant discussion for the duration its airing, be that discussion good or bad. I’m trying to limit it to just 1 show as I’ll be writing all November, so I really hope nothing else interesting pops up because I don’t want to pack my schedule with anime reviews. The latest I’ll be free from anime reviewing is January as so far nothing has been announced so that means I can’t look ahead and see something to spark my interest. Also by then I hope to have a lot accomplished but we’ll see. But going back to writing here as I wanted to keep this conversation focused on that, I need to get back into the writing mood. I’ve got good stories (well to me they are good) that I need to finish so I can move on to other things. Plus being that I’ve never actually finished a story I’ve started, I want to break that streak and feel that sense of accomplishment.

Libraries will never look this cool Pixiv Link
Libraries will never look this cool
Pixiv Link

I’ve been slowly getting back into reading recently, something I’m quite happy about. Currently I’ve just got some manga on the go, but I finished an actual book about a month or so ago. It’s got a sequel to it, something I need to pick up from the library soon as I’d like to see how the story progresses. Seems like most of the books I’ve read in recent times are about time travel or the likes. This one was about dimensional travel which is a bit different, but they did go to different time periods too, so I guess it’s… no it’s not really the same.

I also recently finished reading a Wonder Woman comic, something I haven’t actually read before but as she was in the recent Batman vs. Superman movie I felt like reading something about her. I already know her origin story, growing on an island full of lesbians warriors who don’t really like the outside world too much. I picked up this comic mostly because that it was part of the Earth One series, something that I really liked after reading the Superman Earth One comic. I really, really liked Superman Earth One and that would’ve made the perfect movie instead of Man of Steel. Anyways, I thought maybe Wonder Woman Earth One would be just as good. Nah, not at all. It was pretty meh honestly, just told through flashbacks and such, going through the usual Wonder Woman origin story, I never got into it at all and by the time it was over I didn’t feel too compelled to get the second book once the library buys it. I noticed they also have a Batman Earth One as well, but as luck would have it the library only bought the second volume of it. Thanks a lot.

I mentioned manga and while I’m reading most online, I’ve actually bought a few too. Those two being Saekano volume 1 & 2. If you’ve followed Anime Corps for a while or follow me on Twitter then you’ll know I’m a fan of that series and Utaha as well. Honestly watching it a second time I really appreciated it a lot more than I did when I first watched it as it aired. While the second season isn’t airing until April 2017, I’ve got something to keep me occupied until it begins.


Speaking of Utaha actually, I really do like her a lot. I mean yeah all the girls in the show are cute in their own way (yeah I guess Eriri is too) but man Utaha is just so perfect. Of course a lot of it has to do with Ai Kayano voicing her, but if there was ever someone to dethrone Maki from waifu status, it would probably be Utaha. That’s how much I like her. No I won’t be one of those guys with multiple waifus, but Utaha just really struck a cord with me the moment I saw her and since then she’s really grown on me. Reading the manga (both the Utaha version and the one I bought) really just makes me like her even more and it furthers my hype for S2, still months away.

Best girl Source Link
Best girl
Source Link

Well I finally saw Captain America: Civil War, yes I know it’s a few weeks late but yeah I finally saw it. Really good, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the themes explored in this movie, showing that during these massive battles people are getting killed in the process, and something has to be done about that. I also liked the new characters they brought in too, Spider Man and Black Panther specifically. It was good to see how they didn’t waste time with the origin story for Spider Man, I mean we’ve done that 5 times already so we all know how he came to be. It was summed up in a few sentences and that was all we really needed. I eagerly await the Spider Man movie which is coming at some point in the future. As for Black Panther, I already knew his origin story a bit, but they also didn’t waste time explaining it in every detail. We’re getting a Black Panther movie in the new few years, so that’ll expand on further details I assume. Overall though I thought Civil War was a fantastic movie, one to go watch if you’re into that kinda stuff. As for a score I’d give it a solid 9/10. Highly recommended.

Lastly I’ve been doing some changes around my personal blog here, namely with the title but also with the contact page. Please go take a look at it, I’m pretty proud of what I did actually. I think it looks really cool and I also didn’t like having my email just sitting out there in the open like that. Anyways, let me know what you think about the new look contact page.

On the same lines of changes to the blog, I really want to change the Anime Corps theme. I’ve got a few I’m looking at right now but honestly all the ones that work perfectly are the premium ones which cost real money, something I don’t have a great quantity of at the moment. There are a few free themes that look pretty nice though, so expect a change to be happening at some point in the next few weeks.

I’m also thinking about starting to post bi-weekly now instead of just on Monday (or close enough to Monday). I get ideas of things I want to write about during the week but by the time Monday rolls around I’ll have sometimes forgotten about them, or just forgotten certain points I wanted to talk about. Yeah I know I should just write these things down, but if I spend all the time writing down lots of points to talk about, I may as well just write out the whole post. So with that said I’m not sure when you’ll start to see 2 posts a week happening here, but it’s time I want to start doing at some point in the future.

I think that’s all I wanted to talk about this time, just a bunch of random things that I felt would be good to put into one big post instead of breaking up over the next few weeks. If you read through to the ending then I thank you very much. If not well…

That’s all for this week, I’ll see you back here next time.


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