Apparently Wednesday is the new Monday.

No one actually enjoys waiting for something to happen, we all want things right away. We’re kinda self centered and impatient that way. Anyways, when it comes to ordering something online, the wait is always the part I hate the most.

Right now I’m waiting for the first single from Guilty Kiss. It was really a spur of the moment buy, something I don’t usually do for the obvious reason, but I just was thinking about it one day and decided I’d buy it. So the purchase was made and the wait began. Here we are now, Wednesday June 8th, launch day, and for some reason I already expected it to be here by now. Sure the online store needs to get it themselves then send it to me, but I just really hate that period of time when I feel like I should have it but logically it’s not even ready to be shipped out yet.


As I impatiently wait for this CD to arrive I’ve been endlessly listening to the preview as it’s the closest thing I can get to the actual full song without going to find the full version. Yes I know I could easily just download it from one of the many sites, but this time is different and I just really wanted to buy the CD for once. Anyways here’s the preview I mentioned, really hyped to hear the full versions of the songs.

Anyways, it should be here soon, hopefully before the end of the week but we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

As for Love Live! Sunshine!! as a whole, I’m liking it a lot more than I first did when it was announced. I knew it would take time before I warmed up, but after the first PV I was pretty hyped then as the second one came out and now the subunit singles and I got more into it. Now we’re under a month until the anime premiers and I’m super hyped. I’ve been saying it for a while now that Riko is my favorite, but lately I’m getting on that Yohane bandwagon as she’s pretty good too. Honestly I like the whole Guilty Kiss crew, hence why I’m buying the single, but the other girls are pretty good too. Probably the 2 I don’t have any strong feelings about are Ruby and Hanamaru. Ruby just isn’t the type of character I gravitate to, even if she does have red hair, and Hanamaru… well I’m just really neutral about her right now. I’m sure that will change once the anime begins though. But for the record, I don’t straight up hate any of the girls. I’m sure they’re all good in their own ways.

Pixiv Link
Pixiv Link

Well shit, I started talking about anime here again. I didn’t really want to do that but seeing how late this post is and my lack of ideas, I guess I’ll let it go this time. Expect another post when the CD finally arrives as I’ll have more to talk about it along with detailed pictures of it. Yeah, I’ll let it go next time too. Don’t question me.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


P.S. I’m reviewing Love Live! Sunshine!! over on Anime Corps this summer. Be sure to stop by and check out my weekly reviews!

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