Guilty Kiss


If you follow me on Twitter then this is old news to you, but if not then get hyped because the first single from Guilty Kiss has arrived!!

That’s right, Strawberry Trapper was delivered to my door just before 2PM this afternoon while I was right in the middle of watching the Ubisoft press conference. Thanks FedEx! Of course I stopped everything as this CD was top priority. So let’s jump right in and take a look at it!

DSC_0225 DSC_0226 DSC_0227

So as you might guess, this is my first ever Love Live CD. As to why I didn’t buy any of the µ’s CDs… well like I said this was a spur of the moment purchase and I just really felt like buying something to support Aqours as they follow in the footsteps of the previous girls.

DSC_0228 DSC_0229 DSC_0230 DSC_0231

As for how the songs actually are, well I can say for sure now that Guilty Kiss is my favorite subunit of Aqours. I’m no music reviewer, hell I don’t even know how one is supposed to review music, but for me I just like the way the songs sound, I like the vocals of the girls, I just really like it all. I mentioned I’ve been saying for the longest time that Riko is my favorite, but man Yohane has a good voice. Not only did she make a huge impression on me along with many others in the latest PV, but unlike most chuuni characters I’m actually really liking her more than I thought I would. Not to say I dislike all chuuni characters, but for the most part I’m not a huge fan of them. Exceptions being Ranko and…. well I’m sure there are others I’m just not thinking of right now.

Being that this is my first time really listening to the songs, I had a hard time picking out who was singing which part. Thankfully there are plenty of people on YouTube who like to whip up handy videos. Below are the two songs but with color coded subs, so you know who is singing.

So both songs were taken down from YouTube since this afternoon… anyways, I’ll continue on.

That part where Riko says “Yohane shoukan” (Yohane, I summon you) followed by Yohane singing a few lines, ah man that part is so good. I was also wondering about that part near the end where Mari shouts something and what exactly she said, and thanks to the above video she says “Lock on!”. Honestly I just thought she was moaning something lewd, but I guess that shows how fucked up my mind has become. Damn you Internet and especially Twitter.

Moving on to the next song, Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss! I might like this one just a tad bit more, I don’t know it’s hard to really choose but hearing this in its entirety, it just clicks with me for some reason. I saw it mentioned that it sounds like something A-RISE would sing and yeah I can see how that might be true. I see Guilty Kiss more of the next gen Soldier Game trio though, they’re just not BiBi like, at least to me.

As for the other tracks on the CD, it comes with 2 off vocal tracks and the radio drama which has been subbed by someone and posted. You can check that out below. I have yet to watch this, but I will get around to it very soon.

So yeah that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about this CD, great buy I’m very happy I got it and if the rest of the Guilty Kiss singles are going to be of this caliber, then you can expect me to buy them as well. Granted I’ve got enough money for them.

Moving away from this CD and looking ahead to July, the Love Live! Sunshine!! is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time and a couple days ago we got our first official PV for the anime. Please take a look if you haven’t done so already. Complete with English subs!

Honestly I’m even more hyped after watching this PV and of course this is going to be reviewed on Anime Corps this summer by yours truly. It gives us a little taste of what the characters are like and I gotta say Yohane really stole the PV. Like I mentioned above, chuuni girls usually aren’t my thing but Yohane really is something else. Her voice, personality, body language, facial expressions, something about her just got my attention and after watching the PV a few more times (okay a lot more times) I’m liking her more and more. Riko still holds the top spot at this moment, but Yohane and her devilish charm are a half step behind her.

As for the whole Yohane vs Ranko thing, I think it’s a bit out of control. Sure they’re both chuuni idols but they’re each different characters and as of now I don’t have any issues with this. When it comes to the age old iM@S vs Love Live thing, honestly it’s not something I really like to compare because they’re two completely different things aside from being about a group of girls that sing and dance. But going back to the matter at hand, I don’t think of or view Yohane as another Ranko, they’re two different characters from two different shows.

So yeah that’s gonna be it for this post, once again Guilty Kiss has an extremely good debut single and if this is the type of music they’re putting out, you can be sure I’ll keep buying it. Granted I’ve got the money for it.

That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you later!


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