Return to Writing?

Is it finally time?

I used to write quite a lot back in the day. It was something I enjoyed doing and still do, although I haven’t really done any proper story writing in months now. Maybe it’s because NaNo is happening right now and I’m getting emails about it, but I’m suddenly thinking about writing once again. I’ve still got projects on the go so all I really need to do is open a Word doc and start going, but it’s getting to that point that I’m having a hard time doing. What’s more is that I’ve got a few new ideas that I’ve been trying to work on bit by bit over the past while, but as with all my projects they only get so far before the idea runs out and I’m stuck wondering why I thought this was so great in the first place. But even so, I still want to press on and hopefully come up with a complete story and actually write it.


As for the question raised at the outset, is this my return to writing? Probably not just yet, but it’s something I’m thinking about more which honestly is a good start. For the past few months I haven’t even been thinking about writing outside of weekly review stuff. Maybe during my break come January I’ll replace weekly review stuff with story writing instead, I’ll see how that works out. If I can get back into writing then I’d be really happy as maybe I can actually finish one of my many stalled projects. At this point that’s become my one and only goal, to finish at least one of my stories that I’ve got going. Once I reach that goal then I’ll figure out what to do from there. While publishing it would be nice, and I have mentioned that briefly in the past, at this point that’s the farthest thing on my mind. I just want to finish a story first.

Hmm, this is looking to be a very short blog post as I’ve pretty much said all I wanted to. I can’t even really think of anything else noteworthy to talk about. Oh wait, actually I can.

Last weekend I went on a small vacation up Island to a place called Tofino. Small surfing town which was a nice change of scenery. I might write a longer blog post and include pics and such of it, so I won’t get into the details of that trip just yet. I can say that it felt cool to see the actual Pacific ocean for the first time in a very long while. It’s strange to think about, even though I live on the west coast, I’m on the east side of Vancouver Island so the true ocean is a few hours away. Anyways, if I feel like it I’ll write a bigger post about that trip, just don’t ask when it’ll be out because I’ve got no idea.

And before I sign off, today is Pocky Day so be sure to eat some Pocky with that special person in your life. Although I might be eating a bit more than just the Pocky here.

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Until next time, take care!


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  1. I still have the project we wanted to write down with Katsu… (Have been checking it right now after some time) Here is one character I designed with Katsu initially. lol

    Alias: Multa
    Name: Jonathan/Victor
    Age: 28
    Height: 1.86
    Weight: 60 kgs
    Race: White
    Eye color: Gray
    Hair color: Nut-brown
    Special Characteristics: – Not Athetlic (Just a normal guy, weak physically speaking) – He is smart be he is not bright (He is skillfull using the robots, of course, there will be robots that will demand more focus, the more complex the robot, the more hard it is to command, therefore, when he commands an embodyment robot he can’t use the others, but he can use several sentinel robots to observe at the same time, and 3 Ofensive robots at the same time (Which aren’t that amazing, but are the ones that he uses to fight back the invasion, in the case this idea goes on) – Since he rely all his senses into this machine-like interface in which he controls the robots, he is a person that despite his skill and fast mind, isn’t bright because as I said, he relies too much in his senses, so, in the complex, he will have several sentinels in standby which he will turn on to check for events, but he will do this with a pattern (Not on/off for a fixed amount of time) for example, the detective could move easily without being noticed after figuring this out…


    • Oh I kinda remember that one. In space, big ship, stuff like that right? Can’t believe you still have that. I lost my notes when one of my many computer crashed.


  2. Hi, Nick!

    I don’t know you too well, but I do follow your blog.

    As someone who enjoys writing and recently finished my first short story in years, I found your plight a little relatable.

    Ultimately, what pushed me over the edge and got me to finally start writing again were my feelings. I had some problems with a girl, as trite as that might sound, and naturally began writing again in a furious motion to record my thoughts.

    It’s been nearly a month since that initial inspiration struck, and I’ve been writing something (nothing too long) at least once a week now.

    Inspiration is key, at least for me, and strong feelings help. Good luck trying to get back into it, but don’t rush it if you’re not feeling the time is right.


    • Thanks for the comment!

      For me it’s just trying to find the motivation to actually sit down and write. Once I get started again I’m pretty sure I can go from there, but it’s just getting to that point. Also with work and such there hasn’t been lots of time for me to sit down and just write for a few hours like I used to. But with winter coming and work slowing down a bit, I might finally have some time to take writing more seriously.


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