Kantoku 2017 Calendar

That time of year again!

Yes it’s that time of year again where I show you guys what’s inside the latest calendar from my favorite artist, Kantoku. But that’s enough from me, let’s jump right in and take a look at the pics.

20161213_154530 20161213_154600 20161213_154629 20161213_154654 20161213_154717 20161213_154737 20161213_154759 20161213_154822 20161213_154843 20161213_154906 20161213_154934 20161213_154953 20161213_155012

So there you have it, another wonderful lineup of pics for the coming year. As far as my favorite pic goes, September for sure. The moment I saw it I knew it was the best, even before finishing looking through the rest of the pics. Like I always say, looking at pics or scans of this calendar is never the same as seeing it in person. The colors are way more rich and vibrant and they just pop off the pages so much more in person.

If I had one complaint about this calendar, which is rare as I never have complained about the previous 3 I’ve bought, it’s gotta be October’s pic. Aside from being the obvious ticket to jail, the pic is just so out of place given the month and everything. The fact that they’re eating ice cream makes it more of a summery pic than something for October. Granted this year’s pic was more of a spring theme, but even so it still worked better than this one does. Hell, that pic could work for February too, with the hearts in the background. What’s more is that the art book that pic comes from, ‘Underwear Party‘, there is another pic that works a lot better for the occasion, plus it fits more with the sunset theme happening in September. Take a look.


To me this pic just works better for October and isn’t so questionable either. So as far as negatives go for this calendar, that’s my only complaint. But I mean overall if I had to choose between the pic they used and this one, I’ll gladly take the one used.

Everything else about the calendar is perfect and Kantoku still remains my all time favorite artist. Yes I know I go on about how I love so many artists on Pixiv, and while that’s true, Kantoku just holds that special spot for me and every time I see his work I always love it. By the way, if you haven’t heard yet there is an anime next season titled “One Room” and the original character design is by Kantoku. This should go without saying that I’ll be watching it, and even though I don’t plan on reviewing anything that season I might write about this one just a very little bit.


Since I got this calendar from J-List, they threw in a little treat as well. Take a look.

20161213_155039 20161213_155049

Yes, those are tissues. I’ll leave it at that.

I tweeted about this when I first saw them and that tweet kind of exploded.

So yeah, that was kinda funny.

Anyways before I close this I’d like to give a special thanks to J-List for sending the calendar out to me. I order from them every year and I haven’t been disappointed at all. If you want to get this calendar from them here’s a link to do so. If you prefer other sites here’s a link to AmiAmi as well. Lastly, if you just want some high quality scans of the calendar here’s a link for that too.

So that’s gonna bring this post to a close now. Let me know what pic you like the most and if you plan on getting a 2017 anime calendar too.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later!


P.S. The PANTY×PANTY art book is worth a look too.



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