Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

What a mess.

Geez what a shitty year 2016 was. Seems like it was just one bad thing after another happening, I want to hope next year will be better but who knows at this point. But on a more personal level I did have some accomplishments this year that I’m really proud of. Finally getting a job being probably up at the top, and yes getting a phone is right up there too (stop laughing Rayz), but there were a few other smaller things that I was able to get done that I’m proud of. I won’t be going into detail about those, but I’ll let you know I’m happy to have accomplished them.

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But it wasn’t all fun and games. Probably the worst day this year was when my grandmother passed away just over a month ago. I’ve wanted to write something about that for a while now but I couldn’t ever bring myself to as I always got so emotional when I thought about it. Not that I’m over it now, I still get teary eyes when I think about her, but after a month I feel I can finally put some words down about what happened. She suffered a stroke one evening and about a week later she passed away. If you’ve ever had someone close to you pass away like that then you know how helpless you feel. Having never experienced something like this before I never quite understood how a person feels at a time like this, but after that day it all makes sense now. It’s an absolutely horrible situation and now when I hear of someone having a close friend or relative pass away I can sympathize with them more than I could before.


Moving on to something not so depressing and looking ahead to the New Year, I have some goals I want to accomplish. These aren’t all of them, just the main ones I feel like sharing and maybe getting some feedback on too.

For starters I want to read more. I’ve got all these books and manga piling up and honestly I need to rearrange my priorities so not so much time is spent on the computer but doing something else, like reading. I’ve made countless posts on this blog about reading and how I want to do more of it, but this coming year I’m going to be making a read effort to do just that. I know once I get back into it I’ll really like it, but same with my current writing block, it’s getting back into it that I’m having the most trouble with. Maybe I just need a cute girl like Fumika to get me back into reading.

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Next up is writing, both blog writing and personal writing. For this I’m thinking of something a bit more drastic and by that I’m thinking about taking a year off blogging on Anime Corps to focus on my personal writing and this blog. I haven’t come to a conclusion on this just yet but it’s something I’m seriously considering because after doing anime blogging for a couple years now I’m actually growing tired and bored of it. It’s becoming more of a chore to get weekly reviews written and it’s not like how it used to be when I was new and really excited about it. Not that I’ll be giving up anime blogging entirely but maybe I just need to step away from it and just give it a rest for a while.


That said though there are certain shows like Saekano S2 which I’m genuinely excited for and will be writing about. If you haven’t noticed I’m kind of a bit obsessed with Utaha (only just a bit though) so having her back for another season is something I’m super crazy hyped for. I said in the S1 finale that if this show ever gets another season I’d be back to write about it and come April I’ll be back to write about that show. As of this moment I have no plans to write about winter season shows (might write something very small about One Room though we’ll see) and I know nothing after the spring has been announced, but even so I’m thinking Saekano S2 might be the only show I write about this year if I indeed go through with this plan. If by some chance a show really catches my interest (Violet Evergarden) or is a returning show that I’ve written about before I’ll most likely write about it, but aside from that I want to limit myself as much as possible.

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As for personal writing well that’s something I haven’t done in a very long time. Those who have known me for a while know I used to write back in the day but as of late I just can’t do that anymore. This coming year I want to change that and get back into writing and surprisingly enough that starts, at least for me, by reading more. Back when I read a lot I also wrote more too, so I’m going to try to recreate that in hopes of sparking my passion for writing once again. Plus I’m always getting new ideas for a story I want to write, but I’ve got projects I want to complete first and honestly they’re not that far away from completion. And before you ask, I have no plans on publishing them at all, my goal is to finish something then take that next step when it’s time.


And finally for this blog I want to give it more love than I have been this past while. I tried writing weekly posts and even though I never got them out on Monday and probably complained a lot about that, I still had a pretty good time doing that so I’d like to get back into that. Granted I’m now working so time is limited but still if I organize myself well I can accomplish these things I want to do. As for now posts here are kinda sporadic and I never know when the next one will be, but I do know January 18th is the anniversary for this blog so there will be a post on that day for sure.


Next up is a very ambitious goal I’m still not fully sure I want to undertake. Seeing that I have 3 nendos with 4 more coming this year (pff, what is money *sobs*), I want to do a 365 Days of Nendos thing where I take pics of them every day doing something new or in some different location. This is definitely easier said than done, but it’s an idea I’ve had for a while now and with January 1st approaching quickly I’m thinking more and more about doing it. Have you ever done something like this before? If so, do you have any advice about it or just some experiences about how it went? Hit me up in the comments if you’ve got any thoughts about it.


Lastly is another idea I got while taking a shower the other day. I want to travel somewhere. I’m not talking about a car trip somewhere, I mean go somewhere totally different and see something completely new for a change. This world is massive and I’ve stayed in this small area for pretty much my whole life so far and honestly it’s getting really annoying. I want to get out there and see something new, meet new people and just experience something completely different. Granted I don’t know where I’d go, either somewhere else in Canada or maybe to a different country entirely, but I just want to travel somewhere. I know my sister spoke of going to Australia next year because a good friend of hers is having a baby and she wants to go see it (her friend too) so that’s always a thought. Plus I know some people on Twitter and WordPress that live down there, we could have a meet up and you could show me around! But yeah it’s still just a thought right now, mostly because of such a massive undertaking it would be to travel anywhere. Not to mention it’s expensive af too.

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So yeah those are a few things going on in my mind right now regarding this coming year and things I want to get accomplished. This isn’t everything though, there are things I don’t share on this blog because of how personal they are, but I might very briefly mention them at times. Hopefully you’re reading carefully.

That’s going to bring this post to a close now, hopefully I’ve mentioned everything I wanted to, but if not then I could always talk about it in another post I guess. So before I close this I’ll ask you a couple questions: did you get your 2016 goals accomplished and what are some of your 2017 goals you’re hoping to accomplish?

Alright then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys in the New Year! Let’s make it a good one.


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