The Best Place to Play

This happened a month ago but I’m just now getting around to talking about it.

So I’m finally able to cross off another thing on my wishlist. I got a PS4!

Yes after years of wanting a game console of my own, I was finally able to buy one. Sure my bank account took a hit and I’m still reeling from that, but it was so worth it. After a month of this I can safely say I love it and I’m totally on Team PlayStation. Anyways, here are some pics of the unboxing that happened a month ago. Also, a look at my new desk setup.

Up first is the new monitor unboxing.

Sticking with ASUS here as I’m very happy with my current monitor.

Also bought a stand for my monitor to place the PS4 under it.

Now for the main event!

As advertised, it comes with a copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Hello beautiful!

So as the PS4 comes with 500GB storage, I wanted to upgrade that to 2TB so I bought a new hard drive from Newegg and installed that. It was quite easy thanks to all the videos on YouTube of that. I didn’t take many pics of that process, but here’s a quick one.

Also since my Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet came preloaded with the PlayStation app, I’m able to use my tablet as a second screen which is really cool. Now when I tweet screen shots or clips of game play, I can use my tablet to do that typing instead of using the on screen keyboard.

And lastly my new desk setup looks something like this now.

The monitor on the right is still my main on that I do everything on while the second one is mainly for my PS4 but also when I need it for other things too. The reason I decided to buy that monitor for my PS4 is because it has dual HDMI ports, meaning I can have it plugged into my computer and PS4 at once and just switch between them when needed. It’s a really cool feature and it works out really well for my setup here. As for the sound issue, I use headphones all the time when playing so those speakers you see pictured are for my computer. There is another one on the right side of the monitor but it’s just out of the shot.

All in all I’m really happy that I was finally able to buy this and it’s working out really well for me so far. If you’ve got a PS4 be sure to add me: theonlyskycorps. I’ve got a Maki avi so I should be easy to find.

Alright then that’s it for this post, thanks for reading and I’ll see you around!


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