Watanabe You Nendoroid

First nendo of 2017!

It’s been a while since I last posted here, some time in April was when the last post went out, but for once I finally have something to talk about. As the title may suggest, I’ve gotten my first nendo of the year. 1 of 4 to be exact. Today let’s take a closer look at the You nendo!

So as we all know by now, You is from Love Live! Sunshine!! and is quite a popular character. While I liked her during the time the anime was airing, I wasn’t totally in love with her like many were. I preferred Riko more as she’s got that amazing red hair I love so much, but with You it was more like a slowly growing love for her that I didn’t really notice until the show was over. Now here we are months later and I’ve got a nendo of her on my desk along side The Red Crew. Now for some pics.

The box
The actual box
Side shot
From the back.
The other side
Preorder bonus stand and base.
The goods

Looking good already. Since she arrived on a weekday, I didn’t really have time to take proper photos of her, so last weekend I got the chance to do a good photo shoot on my nice clean desk. Here are the pics from that.


Glasses You is amazing.

She’s so cute!

She’s even got cute earrings.
Love the detail on her uniform.

My lovely idols.

And a few more pics.

Maki realizing she’s not the center of attention anymore.
You trying to eat the cherry pie.
Her hair bow is so cute~
Their current location on my desk.

So there you have it, my You nendo.

At the outset I mentioned she was the first of 4 and currently the second one has arrived. If you follow my on Twitter or Instagram then you already know who she is, but if not then look forward to another blog post, hopefully this weekend, with a detailed look at this ordinary, plain and maybe even boring nendo.

That’s it for this post, thanks for reading and I’ll see you later!


**Header Pic**


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