Sakurauchi Riko Nendoroid

Seems like the only posts I do are about nendos…

Hello and welcome back to another nendo post. This was actually supposed to be out ages ago but as you can expect I was too caught up with other things to actually sit down and work on this post.

So we’ve finally entered the stage where these are the two nendos I actually wanted to get and weren’t some spur of the moment purchase, much like You and Kato. Riko marks the 3rd of 4 nendos I’ve bought for this year, and just like the previous 2 she’s super cute and wonderful to look at. Unlike Kato though and much like You, Riko doesn’t come with a lot of extra pieces. She’s got another face and arm, hand and legs parts, but that’s it. I’m slightly let down as after getting so much with Kato I kinda assumed that trend would continue with Riko.

Anyways, let’s take a look at some pics of the lovely Riko~

Sadly she doesn’t come with much.

And a closer look at the details of her uniform.

One random detail I wanted to point out too, because my mind is in the gutter and I felt like sharing this, Riko’s skirt is pretty short and shows off her panties quite a bit. On the other hand You is wearing some kinda shorts or something under her skirt to avoid having this happen. Like I said, it’s a random detail that you probably don’t need to know but I just felt like sharing it for one reason or another.

Lastly here are a couple group shots with You and Kato.

So there you have it, my 3rd of 4 nendos. Utaha should be arriving soon and she’ll be my last nendo of 2017. I’ve spent a lot on nendos this year and with the recent WonderFes that happened, I can only say that next year might be an even more expensive one as I’m seriously considering getting a Riko scale figure. I’ve always shied away from scale figure as they’re just so damn expensive, but this time I think I might go all in and get it. I know the dream is to get a Maki one, but I don’t think they’ll be making any more Maki scale figures and the ones that have been released are pretty much impossible to find. As for more nendos, well my love for them isn’t growing cold and after seeing what was offered at WonFes, I can already hear my wallet crying out in pain.

On the positive side though, I have been looking into buying a glass display case via Ikea to store my growing collection in. They’ve got a really good one for only $60 and it would work perfectly for my room. All I need is a light for it, but the one light they recommend can’t be purchased online. Like what the hell Ikea? So maybe this means I’ll have to return to the mainland to buy a $9 light. Goddamn it.

That’s it for this post, sorry for being so inactive across both my blogs. I’m really tanking here and honestly I’m disappointed in myself for pushing blogging to the side like this. I know I say this in literally every post (I say that too) but I really do want to make a come back. It’s really stupid how many times I keep saying that and promising I’ll return only to post something every couple months. My love for blogging and just writing in general has grown dim yes, but the flame is still there. Like I’ve said many times, I won’t like this blog completely die. I don’t want to give up on this and though it might be a while before I finally return to form, it’s not something I’ll stop thinking about.

Okay I’ve gone off on a wild tangent. Sorry about that.

For real now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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