Kantoku 2018 Calendar

New Year, new calendar.

Hey look, first post of the year!

It’s been a tradition for me to get the Kantoku calendar for the past 5 years now and this year’s latest installment is once again packed full of jaw-droppingly (yes that’s a word now) gorgeous art of cute anime girls. I love it. From the cover along it’s a 10/10, then once you open it it’s simply the best. True it’s not all new art but it’s still wonderful to look at and yes, it’s much safer for displaying than last year’s.

One thing that’s different is that it’s in an A3 format this time, something that hasn’t happened since 2015, so right away you can tell it won’t have a ton of new art in it. Kantoku had a few new art books out last year that featured some amazing pics that I thought would be included, but as they weren’t in the A3 format that wasn’t going to happen. Already I’ve seen another new art book and it’s got some more great pics in it. Maybe 2019 will included some as they would look great on my wall.

Speaking of that, let’s jump into these 12 pages of glorious art and take a look at what this year has to offer. As always all the pics are taken with my phone, Galaxy S7.

So, which month is your favorite?

For me I think September has caught my eye once again. One thing that doesn’t come across in these pics are the rich colors of each pic. I’ve mentioned this in previous calendar posts reviews, but seeing this in person is a totally different experience. Even the scans don’t fully capture it as they can be slightly filtered, but for a pure experience it’s worth seeing with your own eyes.

An added bonus from buying from J-List is that they send you cool little gifts. This year was a Megumi sticker.

I still have no idea what to stick it on, but I’ll figure that out later.

So there you have it, Kantoku’s 2018 calendar. If you want to get one yourself I suggest you hurry as stock seems to be low on a lot of online stores. I got mine from J-List, but as I said online stock seems to be low right now. If you can find one those I highly recommend picking it up as you will not be disappointed. And if you just want to take a look at scans of it instead, I’ll leave you with this link too.

Alright that’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!


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