Kasumigaoka Utaha Nendoroid

Uh… not sure how many months late this is, but it’s time I talk about her.

My last nendo from 2017 ended up being the wonderful Utaha. So this happened back on September 4th of last year  and it’s taken a little while for me to get around to talking about this, but as I’ve got a day off from work I figured I should be something constructive and write a post on this blog, so here we are.

As you my already know, Utaha is my favorite character from Saekano, an anime which I really do love and have reviewed both seasons over on Anime Corps if you’re interested in checking that out. I’ve also bought the first 7 volumes of the manga in English (though I haven’t read them in ages). I also have the Kato nendo too which I made a post about a while ago. So for today let’s take a look at this Utaha nendo.

All packed in there.
Ahh there she is!
Special per-order bonus stand/key chain

A look at the back
A look at all the parts
That face

Even comes with her signature laptop

You can recreate that scene.
I want Utaha to scold me
Ah Utaha~

So there she is, Utaha. Out of the 4 nendos I bought last year, Utaha was one of the planned ones, You and Kato were spur of the moment buys (RIP wallet). Looking ahead to next year so far I’ve got just Hifumi on the way for April but after looking through the announcements at the winter Wonder Fes, I’m seriously considering getting a scale figure this year. I know they’re super expensive so I’d probably get just one this year (if that even happens) but I’ve always wanted one and now with a display case I can finally display it properly. Right now I’m just waiting on the per-order announcement before making any moves because I know my bank account will take a hit if I decide to do this. I’ll keep you updated regarding this.

But back to Utaha for a moment, she’s another lovely addition for my collection and I greatly enjoy seeing her every time I look at my display case. Being that she’s been out for a while now I’m not sure where you can find her if you’re considering buy one too, but shop around and maybe you’ll stumble across a site offering one for a good price.

Anyways that’s it for this post, just something short and mainly to show that no this blog isn’t dead, despite no posts all February.

See you next time~


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